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API AlgaeFix for Pond

Algae Fix For Pond

$ 19.99

Most ponds develop some form of unsightly algal growth during the water gardening season.  Algal growth can appear in many forms, including green water blooms, filamentous algae on plants, floating algal mats or algae growth on fountains and waterfalls. Algae Fix works quickly to provide powerful control for these types of algae without harming live plants and fish.

  • Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms, string algae and blanketweed
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear
  • For use in ponds, fountains and waterfalls
  • Safe for use with live plants and fish
  • 16 ounces treats 4,800 gallons

Size:  16oz bottle

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