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100% Natural Corn Gluten

100% Natural Corn Gluten – Weed Prevention Plus

$ 17.99

Stop weeds and dandelions before they start with this natural product.  Concern Weed Prevention Plus for Gardens uses the power of Corn Gluten to prevent weeds from sprouting and robbing your plants of valuable nutrients.

For use in flower gardens, vegetable gardens and in landscaped areas around trees, shrubs and ornamentals.  Will not burn.

Concern Weed Prevention Plus is composed of 100% granulated corn gluten meal.

Since Concern Weed Prevention Plus kills only the root of sprouting seeds, it can be used with confidence around established plants, including transplants, flower beds, shrubs and roses.  When your flower or vegetable sprouts have true leaves, it is safe to apply Weed Prevention Plus even up until the day of harvest.

When to apply:

Your first lawn application should be in the early spring, 3-5 weeks before weeds begin to sprout.  This is about the time the crocus and daffodils are blooming in your area.  Re-apply in late summer when temperatures turn cooler to control late season weeds.  Apply to gardens at any time.

Size:  5lb bag

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