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Premium Weed and Feed

Earl May Superfine Weed & Feed - Ship to Store - Pickup In Store Only

$ 26.99

Earl May Superfine Weed and Feed contains Dissolve herbicide. Dissolve is a highly effective three-way post emergent herbicide that produces superior weed control. It consistently outperforms competitive products in side-by-side field trials. Kills more than 250 weeds including chickweed, dandelion, clover, spurge, oxalis, plantain and ground ivy. Apply in the spring or fall when weeds are actively growing and are not under drought stress. Best time for application is morning when the grass is wet from dew, followed by warm sunny weather. Do not apply if rain is forecast for the next day. This product contains a special "Superfine" carrier that helps the herbicide stick to the leaves instead of rolling off to the ground where it will do no good.

Contains a premium 28-0-3 time-release fertilizer with iron and sulfur added for extra-deep greening power without excessive top growth. This formula was developed specifically for Earl May based on the soil conditions prevalent in the upper Midwest. This product is part of our special, year-long lawn care programs.

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