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3 Step Organic Lawn Care Program

3 Step Organic Lawn Care Program

$ 115.00 $ 119.97

3 step organic lawn program contains Espoma Organic lawn food for spring and fall application , and Espoma Summer Lawn food for Summer application. Covers 5,000 sq. ft.


Step 1 – Early Spring  - Apply Espoma Organic Lawn Food now to feed your lawn and your soil. Contains feather meal and poultry manure and is enriched with Bio-tone (circle R) microbes to make the organic nitrogen source more immediately available to the lawn. Produces a thick green lawn that will naturally suppress weeds when mowed at a 3" height.


Step 2 – Summer – Apply Espoma Organic Summer Food now to fortify your lawn during stressful high summer temperatures. Contains feather meal, poultry manure, non- staining iron oxide and elemental sulfur. Iron and sulfur work together to feed the soil and balance soil ph, creating a dark green lawn without causing a lot of top growth. Contains Bio-Tone (circle R) beneficial microbes to allow the soil to utilize the natural nitrogen source much more quickly than products that do not contain this.


Step 3 – Fall – Apply Espoma Organic Lawn Food now to help your lawn recover and fill in from the stress of summer. Will also help the lawn store important nutrient reserves needed to survive the winter and green up the following spring.   

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