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Air Plant Thinker Sitting

Air Plant Thinker Sitting, Assorted - Ship To Store - Pickup In Store Only

$ 14.99

Tillandsia species 

These plants originated in the rainforest attached to other plants & trees. They naturally got their moisture from the air and rainfall! The overhead canopy of the rainforest would provide a nice balance of well lit, filtered light. 

Color:  Assorted

Size:  Thinker is approximately 5” tall and 2” wide 

Additional Information:

Care:  Very easy and fun 

Light:  Avoid direct sunlight, medium natural light is best (always filtered) but can tolerate brightly lit artificial light 

Feeding: Mist with a solution of diluted liquid orchid or bromeliad food once a month at 1/4 strength. Do not feed in the winter months

Water:  Mist your air plant once a week.  Do not let it sit in water.  If starts to turn dull in color provide more moisture

Temperature:  Ideal 60 to 80 degrees F. Avoid extreme temperatures. Keep away from heating or cooling vents

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