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Bat Shelter

Cedar Bat Shelter

$ 39.99

Create a habitat in your own backyard with the WoodLink Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter. Its beautiful, handcrafted design features a distinctive bat graphic and the iconic Audobon logo. Other decorative features include paneling. It's a fun choice for families who can enjoy being able to watch these mysterious creatures go in and out of the WoodLink Bat Shelter. Reinforce the experience with kid-friendly science lessons to promote a true appreciation of nature. It's also a practical choice for anyone who is curious about the environment. Use this bat shelter in addition to or as an alternative to a traditional bird or squirrel house. Keeping a family of bats around can also help manage your local insect population. Bats are Nature’s way of controlling small biting insects like Mosquitoes. Mount this bat house at least 10 feet above ground level on a flat surface. For best results, it should face south to southeast in an open area where sunlight will warm the house.” 

  • Capacity: Up to 25 bats
  • Made in USA!

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