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Dog Spot Repair Kit

Fast Acting Dog Spot Repair Kit

$ 12.99

There's that brown spot again from Fido! It could be your dog, the one next door or just the neighborhood stray passing through.

This Fast-acting Dog Spot Repair Kit™ contains mulch, seed and soil conditioners that make it quick and easy to transform those brown and bare spots back into the beautiful lawn you desire.

Encap's patented Advanced Soil Technology™ (SWT™) improves soil structure by creating millions of microscopic "spaces" that:
•Help water soak in better and stay longer
•Help seed germination by allowing more sunlight to warm the soil
•Help soil and nutrients stay in place to enhance root system development

In addition, the Seed Water Technology tells you when and how much to water your lawn. Special crystals embedded in the mixture absorb water and sparkle in the sunlight to tell you when you've watered enough. When the "sparkle" disappears, you know exactly when and where to water. No wasted water, no wasted time.

Dog spots are caused by your pets' urine, which is high in nitrogen and salts. Dog Spot Repair Kit™ works quickly and effectively to repair, fill in and blend with existing grasses to easily transform unattractive brown or bare spots. Each paper-mulch granule contains patented AST™ and is engineered to always provide an even distribution of seed.

Use: To repair bare or yellow lawn spots caused by pet urine

Coverage: Repairs 100 dog spots

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