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Drain-It by Planket


$ 9.99

Drain It® is a lightweight, reusable, bead-filled fabric disc that fits into the bottom of any plant container providing superior drainage and soil aeration in order to promote healthy plant growth. 

 Drain It® is a patented and low cost product that provides great value to the consumer by giving your plant that extra layer of protection to help reduce plant loss. Can be used with indoor or outdoor plant containers and offers the following benefits: water flows through and soil stays put; seals the bottom of the container from pest migration; reduces the risk of plant fungal diseases and root rot; increases fertilizer uptake; promotes beneficial microbial activity; eliminates the need for heavy bags of gravel, pottery shards or rocks, etc.

 A must-have Gardening Product!

Fits a 12-15" Pot

Drain It® How To Video

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