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Airmax Farm Pond Algae Defense

Farm Pond Algae Defense

$ 69.99

  • Kills Algae Fast
  • Works on both floating and submerged algae
  • Fast-acting

How to Apply: Mix in tank sprayer. Spray algae directly. Treat up to one half of the pond's surface, waiting 10 to 14 days before treating the second half. In hot weather or when fish are stressed, treat 1/4 to 1/3 of the pond at a time.
Water Use Restrictions: None
Other Restrictions: Do not use in ponds with koi, goldfish or trout unless carbonate hardness (KH) is above 50 ppm
Dosage Rate:
2,000 square feet = 1 quart Algae Defense, 2.5 gallons water
4,000 square feet = 2 quarts Algae Defense, 5 gallons water
8,000 square feet = 1 gallon Algae Defense, 10 gallons water

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