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St. Gabriel Organics Diatomaceous Earth

St. Gabriel Organics Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Control

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Crawling insect control, diatomaceous earth (DE), a natural product made from tiny, fossilized water plants, works by causing abrasions on insects as they come in contact with the product. To insects DE is a lethal dust with microscopic razor sharp edges. These sharp edges cut through the insect's protective covering drying it out and killing them when they are either dusted with DE or if it is applied as a wettable powder spray. If they ingest the DE it will shred their insides.

What insects can DE be used for? Diatomaceous Earth may be used as a barrier to control adult flea beetles, sawfly, coddling moth, twig borer, thrips, mites, cockroach, slugs, snails and many other insects such as aphids, earwigs, silverfish and ants. Can be used for bedbugs, cabbage root flies, carrot root flies, fleas, pillbugs, ticks and is helpful in dealing with fungus gnats. Controls lice, grain storage insects, parasite control in animals (use in feed) and fly control.

  • Carpet Beetles: Thoroughly dust along baseboards, carpet edges, under furniture, carpet and rugs and in closets and shelving.
  • Bedbugs: Take apart bed and dust joints and channels. Dust any hollow tubing and the interior framework as well as the mattress and all cracks in the room.
  • Fleas: Thoroughly dust carpets and pet's bedding and sleeping areas, as well as cracks and baseboards. It also can be rubbing into your pet's fur.
  • Flies: Thoroughly dust areas where flied frequent (walls, straw bedding, livestock pens). It also can be applied to livestock coat as a insect repellent/contact insecticide.
  • Fly Larva: Keeps fly larvae from developing in manure, which makes a significant reduction in the fly population.

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