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Knockout Plus Fish Medication

Knockout Plus Fish Medication

$ 17.99

KnockOut™ Plus Combo Fish Treatment

  • Remedies ick, parasites, bacterial infections and fungus
  • Quick and easy treatment
  • Safe for fish and plants

KnockOut™ Plus is widely used by pond and aquarium hobbyists and professionals as a broad-spectrum treatment for parasites, bacteria and fungus. KnockOut Plus is formulated to work with all pond fish, especially koi and goldfish. When used in accordance with the label, KnockOut Plus is very effective at treating and preventing pond fish diseases. KnockOut Plus is a broad-spectrum treatment for a variety of parasites, bacteria and fungus including anchorworm, fish lice, flukes, ichthyophthirius (ick), trichodina, costia and chilodonella.
Size: 16 ounces ? treats 960 gallons
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