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Majesty Palm in ten inch pot

Majesty Palm - Ship to Store - Pickup In Store Only

$ 29.99

Ravenea rivularis

Easy-care palm for the looks of the tropics indoors our outdoors.  It's graceful, long fronds fit into most any décor.  Originally from Madagascar the Majesty Palm has found it's way from nature to our homes.  Palms make a wonderful companion to the outdoor deck, patio, or entryway.  Beautiful plant for decorative pottery. 

Size:  Large plant in 10 in. diameter pot

SHIPPING DATES:  EM plant(s) will be shipped to your local Earl May Garden Center only during the growing season and once they have met our quality standards.  You will be contacted when they are ready to be picked up.

Additional Information:

Care: The majesty palm is known for is ease of care.  It's a slower growing type of palm so it works well as an indoor plant.  It has few disease or pest issues.   Maintain some consistency in it's moisture for the best results.  In winter months indoors, provide additional humidity to the palm fronds my misting.  Brown tips may be carefully cut off.   Not winter hardy, protect from frost. 

Cold Hardiness: Ideal 65 to 90 degrees F, never below 50 degrees F 

Light: Bright indirect light. Avoid direct sun to prevent burnt leaves

Feed:  Once a month liquid food to maintain rich green color

Water Needs: Prefers adqueate moisture, avoid dry periods

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