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Red Mandevilla with Trellis

Mandevilla Red - Ship to Store - Pickup In Store Only

$ 29.00

Mandevilla sp.

A blooming machine for the summer patio.  Place outdoors for rich, vibrant blooms that are produced all season for the looks of the tropics.  

Size:  1 Gallon, Staked

SHIPPING DATES:  EM plant(s) will be shipped to your local Earl May Garden Center only during the growing season and once they have met our quality standards.  You will be contacted when they are ready to be picked up.

Additional Information:

Care:  We love the mandevilla for it ability to provide long-lasting blooming color during the growing season.  Not winter hardy, protect from frost. 

Cold Hardiness: Ideal 65 to 90 degrees F, never below 50 degrees F 

Light: Full sun

Feed:  Incorporate slow-release granular food into the potting soil and liquid feed once a month

Water Needs: Water more during times of heat and drying winds, let the soil dry out between waterings.  Too much water is indicated by yellowing leaves. 

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