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Midnight Star Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

Moonlight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

$ 19.99

With extremely dark green color derived from world-famous Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass, Midnight Star is a truly unique Kentucky Bluegrass variety. A Midnight-hybrid with improved seed yield and excellent rust resistance, Midnight Star blends with the darkest of the elite bluegrasses for improved turf quality.

  • Low, spreading growth habit/moderately aggressive/medium leaf width
  • Very uniform, moderately dense turf with extremely dark green color
  • Performs well in a wide range of well-drained soils, pH 5.5 to 7.5
  • Very good performance throughout traditional range of Kentucky bluegrass
  • Very good summer and fall density
  • Very good performance at cutting heights at or above 1"
  • Very good disease tolerance, including stripe rust and Rhizoctonia sheath spot
  • Performs well in full sun to light shade
  • Early fall and spring seedings are best – late spring/summer plantings not recommended in most locations
  • Seedbed should be kept moist during germination and early establishment
  • Germinates in 14 to 21 days with optimal soil temperatures, 55?80 degrees
  • Full coverage in 8 to 10 weeks
  • First mowing recommended when turf reaches approximately 2" in height
  • For best performance, fertilize at an annual rate of 3-4 pounds of Nitrogen per 1,000 square feet
  • Deep, infrequent irrigation during the cooler months as needed/light, more frequent irrigations during the summer months in absence of rainfall
  • Recommended mowing height: 1-2.5"

Size: 3 pound bag

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