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Mosquito and Fungus Gnat Granules

Mosquito and Fungus Gnat Granules

$ 14.99

Kill mosquitoes before they're old enough to bite! Now controls fungus gnats too!

  • Kills fungus gnats larvae in soil without synthetic toxins
  • Versatile application where standing water cannot easily be controlled, such as in bromeliads "pitcher plants", fallen leaves, tire dumps, or swampy areas.
  • Contains BTI the same proven natural mosquito control as in Mosquito Dunks®
  • Harmless to beneficial insects, pets, birds, fish, or wildlife
  • Perfect for koi ponds, hydroponic systems and rain barrels
  • Easy broadcast application with a hand spreader or the included spice shaker top
  • Works within 24 hours for mosquito control and lasts for months in soil to control fungus gnats!

Size: 8 ounces, shaker

Click HERE for Safety Data Sheet.

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