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Organic CoCo Coir Planting Mix

Organic CoCo Coir Planting Mix

$ 14.99

Coconut husk protects germinating seeds by resisting excess saturation and salt. It naturally helps seeds stay fresh and uniformly moist while preventing rot. With diminishing sources of quality tree bark, the unique properties of coconut chips make a superior alternative to bark-based growing mediums. Many orchid and other cut-flower growers use coco chips instead of bark, finding significant advantages in terms of quality, consistency, and lower production costs.

  • Use indoors or outdoors as a planting mix
  • Promotes root growth for flowers, veggies, herbs and more
  • Each lightweight block equals 2.5 cubic feet of soil
  • Clean, uniform and free of waste products
  • Holds water like a sponge
  • Excellent drainage
  • Prevents re-potting stress
  • Neutral pH and innate buffering capacity
  • Resists fungal growth
  • 100% natural and renewable resource
  • Lasts longer than bark with no degradation (5+ years)

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