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Organic Pelletized Garden Lime

Organic Pelletized Garden Lime

$ 6.99

Earl May Pelletized Garden Lime supplies essential calcium and magnesium to your soil. Calcium is a vital nutrient that promotes root growth, improves soil structure and strengthens all parts of the plant. Lime is also useful in sweetening acidic soils to insure proper pH, providing correct nutrient uptake as well as the overall health of your plant.

Application rate: For new gardens, mix five pounds per 100 square feet into the top six inches of the soil before planting. For established gardens, apply at a rate of five pounds per 100 square feet at any time of the year. For more acidic soils, increase to 10 pounds per 100 square feet. For individual plants add 3 Tablespoons per plant mixed with existing soil.

Contains 38% calcium by volume

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