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Pelletized Lime - Ship to Store - Pickup In Store Only

Pelletized Lime - Ship to Store - Pickup In Store Only

$ 7.99

MK's High Calcium Pelletized Lime provides high levels of calcium to the soil in order to combat acidity within the soil.  At MK, we pulverize our mined limestone into a fine powder before pelletizing it to allow for rapid release upon usage.

  • Calcium (Ca):  33%
  • Magnesium (Mg):  0.7%
  • Calcium Carbonate Equivalent:  86%
  • Our pelletized procedure grants an even spread of our product to ensure that calcium is placed evenly through the soil.  Calcium is an essential component in the plant cell wall, and needs to be present in order for new cells to grow
  • Helps increase pH in acidic soil (soil with a pH below 7)
  • Can eliminate Aluminum Toxicity
  • Increases the efficiency of other major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium that plants need
  • Helps plants to absorb Nitrogen and synthesize proteins
  • Improves microbial action to help break down pesticides and organic matter

Size:  40lb Bag

Click HERE for Safety Data Sheet.

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