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Season Long Grub Control

Fortify Season Long Grub Control

$ 27.99

Season Long Grub Control with Merit Insecticide stops grub damage BEFORE it gets started. Can be used on lawns and landscape beds. Works by preventing grubs from maturing into adult grubs that feed on turf. Can be applied May through August with one application lasting all season. Kills the white grub stage of many beetles including Japanese beetles, Oriental beetles, masked chafers, Asiatic garden beetles, May/June beetles, black turf grass ataenius and mole crickets. Contains exclusive DG-Pro fast-acting, dissolving carrier which makes the active ingredient work quicker. This product needs to be watered in after applying to transport the active ingredient past the thatch layer and into the root zone where grubs are active. Contains 0.2 imidacloprid insecticide.

Coverage: 5,000 square feet

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