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Grow Box Kit

Grow Box Kit

$ 39.99

Comes complete with fertilizer, easy instructions and planting guide. Tough UV construction lasts a lifetime. Just add plants and potting mix. Grows your plants better.
- Self-fertilizing
- Self-watering
- No weeding
- No bending
- Works anywhere
- No gardening experience needed
- Poor soil, rocky, sandy it doesn't matter anymore
- Guaranteed to work every time
- Measures 28" long 14" wide x 12" high
- Each Grow Box includes a free Nutrient Patch

Sets up in less than five minutes!
Works anywhere, every time, even for first-time gardeners. Grows the biggest, juiciest, best tasting tomatoes you've ever had. Automatic feeding and watering without guessing. Comes complete with FREE fertilizer. No weeding or back aches, finally you'll enjoy your garden instead of toiling in it. Grow peppers and flowers like a pro. No guessing or hassles of box gardens and hydroponics. Pays for itself in less than one season. 100% natural growing. Guaranteed to be the easiest and most productive garden or your money back. A mighty little garden for a very little price! More productive than in-ground gardens and twice the fun.

Wouldn't you like to have a carefree tomato, bell pepper and fresh salad garden just steps from your door. Our fool-proof gardening system sets up in five minutes and works perfectly year after year, even if you've never gardened before!

If you want a simple and natural garden that out-produces anything you've ever seen, then The Grow Box by Garden Patch is the right garden for you.

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