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Ultimate Plant Clip

Ultimate Plant Clip

$ 5.99

This flexible plastic clip fits comfortably over the tips of your index finger and thumb, so you can quickly gather foliage and simultaneously secure it to a stake or line. Simple to use, the clip opens and closes in unison with your finger's natural movement and locks shut when you pinch your fingertips together. Capable of securing stems up to 0.5" in diameter, the reusable clip is bright green with leaf-shaped ends to help blend with foliage.

3 Reasons to use the Ultimate Plant Clip:
1.Works with your hand's natural motion to make securing your plants FAST and EASY.
2.Its quality, durable and flexible design keeps your plants secured for years.
3.It won't kill your plants by choking their stems ? the clip has enough give to let them GROW.

Sold in a package of 20 clips

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