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Earl May Maypark Grass Seed Mixture

Earl May Maypark Grass Seed Mixture

$ 14.99

Maypark lawn seed combines the very best fine-bladed grasses on the market. Our professionals have blended the best bluegrasses for sun along with just enough fine fescue to tolerate those shady spots. You will be rewarded with a thick, lush carpet of green from early spring until late fall. Exclusive to Earl May, this is truly an ultra-premium blend for that picturesque lawn.

* Top quality seed unconditionally guaranteed to grow and develop into a high quality lawn, when properly handled
* Lush, deep green color from early spring until late fall
* Good disease resistance, distinguishing Maypark from cheaper mixtures
* Performs well with in a 1.5 to 2.5-inch mowing height range
* Extensive tillering and rhizome growth provides dense growth to replace plants. * Good traffic wearing quality with the ability to fill in thin or base areas rapidly

Approximate seeding rate for new lawns: 2.5 to 3 pounds / 1000 square feet

For overseeding an established lawn, apply at approximately one half of the above rate.

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